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Your benefits plan can be a powerful advantage to your company, reducing turnover, making you more attractive to job seekers, and providing safety and security for your employees. But benefits plans are complex and costly, so you want an advisor with experience and expertise, not an insurance generalist who is just trying to fit benefits into their portfolio.

Trust your plan to benefit specialists – trust Benefits Division.

  • Guided by your objectives

  • Highly experienced advisors managing over $90 million in premiums

  • Hands on, personal service

  • Established relationships with multiple insurers

  • Benefits-focused

  • Consistent, analytical approach

  • Stable, dependable support


Our typical approach with prospective clients is to conduct an audit of the funding and design of their existing program – we will complete a full audit review of the financial and contractual elements of your existing program. There is no fee or risk in having the Audit completed and we will provide you with a detailed report of our findings.  If you are interested, we can also expand our traditional audit to include plan design benchmarking and a competitive market survey.  We don’t guarantee that we can save you money – we don’t know how your plan is performing until we actually complete our review.


We are confident that we can add value by helping you to optimize how your plan is performing against your objectives – be they financial, plan design or rooted in employee satisfaction. We try to educate our clients about how plans are priced so that there are no surprises – we have had clients comment that they expected another pitch when agreeing to an audit, but were surprised about how much they learned and how much they understood benefits after our review.  We are so confident that we can demonstrate our value the audit is free, we simply ask that if you like our ideas and our process that we be given the chance to implement our suggestions as your official advisors.

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